In-Bay Equipment

We don’t mess around. Carwash Services uses the best in-bay systems for the success of your business.


Rollovers M1, M’START, M’NEX, FLEX5 and TRACER have been designed to surpass expectations. ISTOBAL sets a trend with a rollover family that meets all your carwash needs.


Developed by ISTOBAL, this model comes to complete our rollover family. A machine with the necessary equipment to achieve the quality and effectiveness demanded by the market. Discover the advantages of model M1.


To meet the demand for a rollover car wash which is simple yet capable of offering high quality wash programs, the M’START includes a wide range of optional extras such as side high pressure, high shine foamy wax or high pressure disk wheelwash. M’START is designed for facilities with the capacity to wash 800 to 1200 vehicles a month.


The new generation of M’NEX rollovers stands out in so many ways: looks, mechanics, flexibility, andversatility. It has been created to satisfy the needs of the most demanding professionals in the wash world.


FLEX5 is the only rollover in the market that is capable of using either five or three brushes without changing machines and in just a working day.


The first 100% European brushless wash based on the American touchless high pressure wash philosophy.


Car Wash System

A result of Washworld’s commitment to making you more profitable, Razor is a vehicle wash system that delivers! Focusing on simplicity of use and care, reduced maintenance, improved system longevity and durability of materials, Razor combines all of the great features you’ve come to expect from Washworld in a truly unique package. If you want a bigger return on investment then it’s time to join the Razor Revolution.

Car Wash System

For an even quicker return on your investment choose Revv…the next step in the Razor® revolution! It’s all of the best of what makes the Razor unique but at a lower price point. Stainless steel is still an important part of Revv including stainless steel travel rails, wall mounts, spray arch and more. Plus Revv features belt drive technology, Energy Chain, Washworld’s Virtual Attendant® and VS2®-Vehicle Sizing System. Revv is the complete package and the fastest way to Revv up your bottom line!

Profile Soft Touch
Vehicle Wash

Washworld’s Profile is the soft touch system you’ve been waiting for. Combining Washworld’s advanced technology used in our touch-free systems with the latest in washing materials, Profile is the answer to growing your car wash business. With standard features such as Washview® HMI On-Site, VS²® Vehicle Sizing System and Flex Pass® Dual Application System, Profile provides an exceptional value.