Car Wash Equipment: Tunnel

Need the right equipment to clean vehicles? We have you covered!

Carwash Services of Arizona provides all the solutions necessary to make a fully functional and profitable car wash. We provide installation, maintenance and upgrades to every part of your tunnel.


Rolling Correlator eliminates springs, wheels, and every other high maintenance component while accurately aligning vehicles onto the conveyor.

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Pre-Soak Applicator Arches cover the front and sides before switching to cover the back upon exit.

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UHMW guide rails on both entrance and exit of brush eliminate wheel damage and prevent premature wear.

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High Pressure | Touch-Free Wash

OMNI Arches feature two to five pivoting stainless steel manifolds that track vehicles and blast away dirt with high-impact water streams.

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Foaming | Rinsing | Waxing

SHOWERHEAD foam attachments can be used as attractive soap applicators, or as extra-service single-, double, or triple-color wax applicators.

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Air dryers dry a vehicle more completely. The unique unibody plastic blower housing has no seams or plastic welds that are prone to cracking.

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