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SONNY’S SHOWERHEAD foam attachments can be used as attractive soap applicators, or as extra-service single-, double, or triple-color wax applicators. Each manifold applies an even layer of foamed solution via 27 precision-drilled ports for complete coverage. The included bracket easily mounts to an existing arch, mitter, or top brush, requiring no additional tunnel length. Fully adjustable ball sockets on the manifold head make this an easy retrofit to any existing tunnel or rollover car wash.


  • Sonny’s Showerhead manifold with 27 precision drilled foam ports for complete and even coverage
  • Clear PVC foam generator.
  • Aluminum mounting bracket holds up to 3 foamers and easily attaches to an existing arch.
  • Brass check valves and quick connect fittings for reliable and easy control of both liquid and air.
  • Ball socket easily aligns manifold.
SHOWERHEAD Dual Foaming Applicators

SHOWERHEAD Single Foaming Applicators
SHOWERHEAD Triple Foaming Applicators



  • Clear foaming PVC manifold with intra-arch poly-flow connections.
  • Can be used as an attractive soap applicator or as an extra-service wax applicator.
  • Inline check valves reduce solution waste.
  • Available with a single compact arch occupying minimal tunnel space or full double arch that makes this extra service appear even more substantial for customers.
  • 4″ x 4″ QuadX Aluminum Frame.

FMR111ARCH Single Arch – Single Foam Applicator
FMR133ARCH Dual Arch – Triple Foam Applicator
FMR222ARCH Single Arch – Dual Foam Applicator
FMR333ARCH Single Arch – Triple Foam Applicator


Remove all detergent from vehicles to improve drying performance and reduce spotting.

Sonny’s HALO Arch features a circular design that points all nozzles to the center of the vehicle for even, total coverage. For rinsing or applying detergents and sealers, when used in conjunction with the optional booster pump and fresh water, the HALO completely removes all detergent at conveyor speeds approaching 200 cars per hour. It comses pre-plumbed with durable, attractive PVC piping — all held in place by non-corrosive clamps. The HALO Rinse Arch’s manifold features PVDF nozzles for complete vehicle coverage.

Halo with Full Stabilizing Arch

Halo with Support Legs


An affordable way to improve vehicle rinsing, waxing, and drying.

Sonny’s Rain Arch eliminates fan nozzle mist in the drying area. It completely rinses the hood, trunk, grooves, and sides. Its gravity-fed impact promotes beading and water break, which improves the drying process. The system includes a rain manifold that can be connected from either end for easier installation. Rain manifolds are available in a variety of flow rates and hole patterns specific to rinsing, waxing, spot-free, or drying agent applications. Each manifold can be attached to an existing arch, or to the ceiling with an optional mounting kit. Standalone arches are available in aluminum or stainless steel.

Flood Arch

RAIN Modular Rinsing System
RAIN Stand-Alone Arches
Rinse and Sealer Arches


SONNY’s Sure Shot™ Mirror Rinse

  • Four (4) adjustable shower heads direct water to rinse detergent from mirrors.
  • Swivel joint provides complete adjustability to aim manifold according to vehicle size and type.
  • Includes both driver- and passenger-side manifolds with two (2) Sure Shot nozzles per side.

Fixed Set Mirror Rinse

  • Completely removes detergent residue, resulting in better drying, foam-free mirrors, and increased customer satisfaction.
  • Easily attaches to an existing arch. Includes mounting bracket.
  • Includes 6 brass, flat-fan nozzles that direct water to rinse detergent from mirrors.
  • Swivel joint provides complete adjustability to aim manifold according to vehicle size and type
Sonny’s Sure Shot™ Mirror Rinse
Fixed Set Mirror Rinse


Increase customer satisfaction and revenue while reducing labor and chemical costs with SONNY’SSIMONIZ® Tire Shine Machine. Developed in conjunction with SIMONIZ USA, the Tire Shine Machine lets you dress tires online, allowing you to completely automate and improve the quality of the most requested and profitable extra service in the industry. The system includes the Tire Shiner, control panel, a set of replaceable pads, and PVDF non-corrosive nozzles with diaphragm check valves.

Increase revenue and customer satisfaction at your wash.

Total Body Protectant is the fastest-growing extra service on the market today. Our foam generators, in combination with K-nozzle applicators, apply most brands of total body protectant consistently and accurately.


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  • Eliminates labor.
  • Controls tire dressing usage.
  • Eliminates dangerous & messy driveway run off.
  • Can be installed in the drip area.
  • Allows exterior-only and in-bay automatic car washes to participate in the highly profitable tire dressing business.