Tunnel Equipment: Pre-Wash

Consider this the prep phase. Every wash needs it.

Prewash systems prepare a vehicle with foam and other liquids to pull dirt and lubricate the vehicle in friction, hybrid, and touch free wash systems.


Sonny’s Pre-Soak Applicator Arches cover the front and sides before switching to cover the back upon exit. With no pivot points and with less solution waste. Optional floor-mounted bumper applicators are available for both the front and rear bumpers in high-volume systems.


Foaming Dual Applicator Arches

  • Completely covers a vehicle in foaming pre-soak solutions prior to entering the wash cycle.
  • Foamed pre-soak solution pulls dirt from vehicle and provides lubrication for cloth in friction or hybrid washes.
  • Includes stand-alone pre-plumbed modular arch, three foaming manifolds and K-Nozzles.
  • Available in QuadX aluminum or stainless steel.

Liquid Dual Applicator Arches:

  • Completely covers a vehicle in liquid pre-soak solution prior to entering the wash cycle.
  • Ideal applicator arch to achieve maximum pre-soak solution coverage for better system performance in touch-free washing.


Sonny’s proven manifold designs combine with multiple nozzle-positioning systems and accurate Hydrominder proportioning to deliver precise chemical application to tires and wheels. Flojet pumps feature Viton seals designed to withstand strong tire-cleaning chemicals, and individual regulators and solenoids help control application.

Applicator Systems:

  • Controller-Activated – Online Tire Applicator System
  • Controller-Activated Foaming Showerhead Tire & Wheel Application System
  • Mag Controller-Activated – Online Wheel Applicator System
  • Mag Manual-Activated – Wand Wheel Applicator System
  • Treadle-Activated – Online Tire Applicator System


Heavy bug deposits require additional prepping and finishing that increase labor expense and slow production.

Activated automatically with an included loop detection system, Sonny’s BUG 300 Applicator Arch floods bug cleaning solution — accurately and precisely — at fast conveyor speeds. Prepping is eliminated, as well as exit-end cleaning due to incomplete manual application.


Sonny’s Pressure Gun Unit does everything you need — simply, reliably, and affordably. Featuring a 7.5-hp motor with belt-driven pump, it delivers 10 GPM @ 1000 psi to handle all prepping demands.

  • Includes (2) pressure guns, each with its own insulated lance with nozzle & nozzle protector.
  • Includes 20 Ft. of 3/8″ wire-braid hose for each of the (2) included pressure guns.
  • Unit has its own Poly Reservoir with lid, filled by a #530 Hydrominder – allows optional proportioning of cleaning solution into reservoir.