Car Washes of Arizona: Training


In depth training over two days where the student will get classroom and hands on training in equipment repair and preventative maintenance. Plus we have decades of experience to help train you and your staff to run and sell car wash services.


IDAsticker-LargeWhat is IDA Certification?

The IDA is the International Detailing Association – the First and ONLY independent trade association created by and made up of Detailers for the profession of Detailing. This program is a culmination of the cooperative efforts of the IDA and industry leaders specializing in the detailing industry. The program evaluates and develops a detailer’s technical knowledge and proficiency. Successful completion will grant the detailer the title of IDA Certified Detailer (IDA-CD). The CD designation is a great achievement for the individual and the detail shop and demonstrates a basic mastery of the knowledge and applied skills needed by the detailing professional. The pride of earning the CD designation places that detailing shop and professional among a group at the top of their profession.

Why should I have my Detailers Certified?

When the IDA decided to create this certification program, their goal was to differentiate the way professionally-run detailing shops do business. This not only gives the consumer added confidence knowing their car is in good hands, but allows the detailer and their shop to stand out of the crowd and be known for their quality work. Of the program’s launch, IDA President Keith Duplessie said,
“The Certified Detailer Program is the first, independent program of its kind. It is a cooperative effort led by industry leading manufacturers and professionals. And unlike many other programs, it is process specific not product specific.” What this basically means is that the IDA, with help from professional detailers across the world, has created an assessment that can accurately measure detailing knowledge. Certification is something that has been in the works for years, and now that it’s here, all professional shops and operators benefit. Much like an ASE certification in the Automotive Repair industry, there is no better method of weeding through the untrustworthy shops than to make sure they’re certified.


Service Advisor’s play a huge role in the company’s success. The Service Advisor is the first impression that the customers have of the company. The Service Advisor’s goal is to be an expert of all of the services that your company offers and guide the customer through all of those options. Don’t forget that the customer are depending on the Service Advisor’s guidance and the impression they get will be the impression they carry with them about the company. The Service Advisor also plays a vital role in the financial success of the company. The Service Advisor should always be trying to maximize the ticket.


With a combined 154 years of experience, we at Car Washes of Arizona can assess, evaluate and make recommendations.

We believe management training is important in order to achieve a clean, dry car in a timely cost effective manner while still providing excellent customer service. By teaching how to manage systems, procedures, equipment and chemicals we can balance a high level of customer service, clean car and cost control by not sacrificing one to get another.


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